180px-Gladiator armor

Level 2 Dadese armor

Probably the most successful armor in the galaxy. It has the power to deflect plasma bolts off of it. Made by Intergalactic Arms, it has been sold 55 trillion times in record and is still growing. Used by pretty much all soldiers, war with this armor is chaos. Only downfall is that the armor doesn't have perfect deflection and reports of deaths have been remembered. The armor uses Dadephite which is only found in the nebula which the Imagination is orbiting. In order to get to this rare metal they use the Carrier- Class 90 which is able to carry large loads without slowing down. The Dadephite is melted and shaped and other particles are added to the proccess. The armor itself is leveled in a range of 1 through 5. The picture here is level 2 armor and level 5 is completely covering the body.