A worm-like species, the Dirans live in the deep catacombs of Pheusia, and feed off dead or dying creatures. The Dirans were discovered in the early inhabitation of Pheusia, and were actually praised as gods by the barbarians of Daeda. The Dirans have long, spindly bodies, with occasional lines and creases showing. They have short, cone shaped appendages, and each of which have special armor that can withstand almost any enviorment.

Their heads are a different story, with pincers that can take off a finger. They have four bulbous eyes, each are studded in hexagonal shapes (as any insect). Two long antenna like sensors can stretch up to a foot in any direction from it's base, this makes this insect apprehend it's surrounding area further. It's teeth are barely a millimeter, with small barbs sticking from the top.

The Dirans are also a special snack to The Spindler.