Evo36== Evo36 was a Elite camel warrior. He was a LEGEND. Evo was with the camels escaping the prison, in the battle of The South Camel Tribe. He was Elite with everything he was good at sniping, assualt, and even hand to hand battles. Evo was living with his family on the planet RUCKIM 10000000000 miles away from Camelatia but planet RUCKIM was destroyed by unknown aliens but, something thankfully he and his family escaped with food and water but they were on a 5 year journey to Camelatia. When they got there, they were all greeted by the South Camel Tribe. Then he was trained by the best camel teacher there was. When Evo grew he worked in Camwan Base 1, he worked there as a Sword maker. Though when it came, the lamas bombed it, and killed everyone, but Evo escaped it wasn't his fault though he was just walking back to his home, but when he saw the Camwan explode he was very very sad because all of his friends were in there now dead. Years later Evo was becoming more famous every day. He has been in 53 battles.