Exlenoscelen (ɛx-lɛn-əʊ-siː-lɪn) are among the few types of alien forms that inhabit Yuobaer in the Mippan System. They are known for their dark skin complexion and stable behavior. Exlenoscelen have made many interactions with the Rhaopic and are one of their most friendly affliated races.


Natural GenesEdit

An Exlenoscele (ɛx-lɛn-əʊ-siːl) is born with a dark, dull green skin texture. Exlenoscelen skin is thin and smooth. During the first 6 years of their life, their skin begins to gradually fade from green to tannish-orange. The next 4 years, it darkens into a vivid crimson mixed with dull violet.


Exlenoscelen wear white, wrinkled, worn-out (sheesh, so many W's) clothes. Usually, they wear something resembling a lab coat, but occassionally they wear a blank T-shirt. Their pants are either trousers or jeans.