Pronounced (Gin- nut(s)), Gitnkuts are considered low creatures. They are short, stocky, and usually reaked of dead stitns (fish). Apparently, after many expeditions and tests, it has been disputed if there are any female Gitnkuts at all. Even though the Gitnkut species have been a part of Imaginatia for hundreds of years still have very short lifespans. The healthiest of their species can live for only about thirty years. So there must be females right?

Well, many have asked. But they recieve the very same responce every time. "Your just not looking in the right place, at the right time, or at the right person." Scientists have all but continued this search.

Anyway, they measure in height about 3 feet on average, but the normal weight of a grown male is 150 pounds. Even though they are considered low and cheatful, they are somewhat excellent engineers. Some are known for winning the Solar Races, which they win in custom made ships. A Gitnkut is even the Head Engineer of Quincy Station.

The conclusion to this page is that many Gitnkuts are prone to spreading rumors that include an empire of their species will come and destroy the entire galaxy. But, that's nonsense, is it not?