Jordan-18C-031 - The Monastery & Inside

A deserted desert empire

There are only five types of government rules in the galaxy of Imaginatia:

Empires- One legally voted ruler which controls everything of their land territories.

Dictatorships- When one illegaly forces his way to power. This is uncommon in Imaginatia.

Republics- A type of democracy, which is ruled by a Chancellor which is legally voted by a senate.

Democracies- One of the most popular systems, a democracy is when a "ruler" is voted into power by the people of the planet or land and the ruler is not totally in control. The senate are mostly in control and can even diselect a ruler if voted by the senate

Infom- Only one planet has this type of government, a infom is where an object or monument is worshipped and the people of the object spend their lives cleaning and tanding to that object.