The ledgions are humanoid with very peachy skin. They have pointy ears and have two robot arms implanted at birth. The robot arms are made of Xalis metal so it grows with them. They also have a small bump in their head where they had a chip implanted to make them smarter.The Ledgions first were made when imaginate mixed with computers.

The Ledgions War

The Ledgion War was a war that was fought against the ledgions and the evil king. The king wanted power over the whole planet. The ledgions wanted to be free. So they fought back for the planet. The war lasted 5 years and ended when the ledgions fired a huge ion bomb at the king's fortress. This killed millions of the races,but saved many more lives.

The Dark Ages

The dark ages was the time during the war. It lasted 10 years. Most of the time was after the war because the Ledgions were low on money and men. To survive they made a deal with the camels. The camels would give them money in exchange for newer weapons. The Dark Ages end 2 years after the deal.