MK Destroyer

The MK raining fire on attackers

The prized jewel of Quincy Station, the MK Destroyer which can possibly take on ten attacking ships and win honorably. It is the newest star ship ever to be created and the first to pass all of the tests of flight, speed, armor, weapons, computer systems, e.t.c. The wingspan is about 13 meters long and two extra six meters long control wings on each main wing. It is armed with four wing-planted plasma turbo blasters along with front mounted repeater heavy blasters. It also has five Quake Bomb charges near the engine. The powerful MK III ion engines produce speed matched against the 3X Star. It is about three times faster than the 44-C6 DOT and can go nine times faster if wanting the ion engines to leak and become useless. The star-fighter is used in racing, and military use, but can be sold to bounty hunters or pirates on the black market.