medlock station

An outpost used by the Pheusians for ship storage and a outpost. It is the biggest space station made by the Pheusians which was 5 miles wide and 12 miles long. It had a main hangar and four other hangars around the station. Also a recruit camp, bridge, hospital, Rider training camp, cafeteria, weapons center, technology center, gymnasium, and the captain's, soldiers', Riders', workers', and many others' quarters. It orbits the planet of Daena, an uninhabitated planet with no oxygen or helium. The station is armed with 900 quad laser cannons, 40 long range quake bomb launchers, 500 plasma missile launchers, 800,000 troops and that's not including the Riders and the other crew. It also carries 50,000 AW Galactics (tank), 100,000 spaceships of different kinds. Medlock Space Station hasn't shown it's ferocity in battle since the ancient barbarians of Daena came back to life some how and planned to take over the galaxy, but those plans were ruined once more by the powerful Riders.