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Naed, picture taken from mercenary star-ship.

Naed is the most populated moon of Pheusia, and one of the most fortified. It is mainly covered in jungles and lakes. It has a fair temperature, and most wild-life is protected by the government. The lakes are incredibly large, some are bases for cities. One lake, Lake Camen, is as large as Pheusia's capitol, Grina. Naed contains many cities, and has one of the largest Ninian Dragon populations.

The AttackEdit

In the early days of Pheusia, as they were expanding their territory around the planet, ancient barbarians that once lived there were discovered and angered. They started attacking innocent Pheusians, and started with Naed.

After taking over the moon with ease, they slaved many people, and put them to work creating weapons, or working in mines. Many people tried to escape, but most were either killed or re-captured.

After the discovery of the first Dragon Rider, and the attack of the Pheusians, Naed started to rebel, and easily took over the barbarians with the fact that they were forging arms under the control of the barbarians.