• Freaky huh?
  • Thats just WEIRD
  • Imagine how they eat there food!
  • That thing looks BARBARIC!
  • Whew, what if I landed in that web!
  • Gosh Imagine that sticking to your face while biting you!
  • That thing must be able to run a 100 miles in atleast in 20 minutes!
  • That thing must have a lot of venom!
  • I dont really wanna mess with that.
Stoms are a bit like spiders I mean alot like spiders, but a lot bigger. They have 36 legs on each sides so that means they have 72 legs, and that means Stoms have like 5 times more legs than real spiders have! Anyway...One stom has more venom than 50 tarantulas. One stom was about the size of the whole Camwan Base 1 or 2. Stoms still have the record for the 3rd most dangerous animal or insect in Camelatia. Stoms also have the record for the most legs of course, like why would a fly have 72 legs or higher.