Lampe plasma 7


Fondling flickrspace

This is pure plasma!

MOC-018 LEGO M Spaceship

Mark 1 of the I67 miner

MOC-023 LEGO Q Spaceship - Side

This is it with refueling cables in the back


Zar-32 Plasma Gun

This is a very common blaster. It fires ion charged plasma. This blaster has 32 shots before it runs out of plasma and ion cubes. This is mainly used as a sidearm because it is shaped like a handgun to people from 2011 and most guns have 100 shots and or they have super charged plasma.

I67 imagination miner

This ship has two arms that it uses to grab and push imagination in to a hole initial front. Then it uses a machine built in to put the imagination in to cube.It can hold 200 cubes.


ICP stands for ion charged plasma. We use it in all ships and plasma blasters. We are beta testing SICP super charged plasma.

ICP Solar Flare

This is a small star fighter that is very fast. Some people compare it was the speed and power of a solar flare.(Thats how it got it's name)Its is a small ball with 4 ICP laser turrent and it has two solar sails.

Never done