Loosely referred to as the "second humans," the Rhaopic (Reincarnated Humanoid and Annexic Open Power Inferno Creature/s) are the population of F-00X, the galaxy of the Mippan System, originally known as Eguo, but then quickly demanded for an altering in name due to there being a system called Ouge, seemingly alike to the Mippan

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System. The Rhaopic are not that different from the original, first humans in their nature and appearance, but the Rhaopic harness energy that allows them to do and accomplish unimaginable tasks, such as turning a black hole back into a regular star, or converting antimatter into common material just with their bare hands. These powers are called ultraneutrals. Ultraneutrals contain accumulative² energy, an incandescent type of potential energy stored inside one's muscles, tightening the skin and strengthening the holder of the energy. Accumulative² energy piles up, but because it is so bright and thin, it loosens the user's grip about 1/5 and makes their body lighter. Since accumulative² energy is stored in Rhaopic's bodies at all times and incommeduted through sugar, it is reasonable that they are able to fly freely.


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