The UngwaiEdit

As most of the contributors of this wiki know, the Ungwai were the first species ever to inhabit the galaxy of Imaginatia. They come from a small planet known as Ugo Giwani (original). They were very fond of their planet, overly protective. They created a massive chain of tunnels and stations around the entire planet, each station having a connection to the planet. Even the two moons, Cern and Haet, were surrounded by space stations. The chains created an ion shield around the whole planet, which granted the planet so said protection.

The Ungwai were extremely intelligent, and powerful, which made them not only prejudice, but self-absorbed. You see, when the Ungwai first came to Imaginatia, they were in the proccess of taking over the entire galaxy. But when other species came, especially the Pheusians, the were not so happy. They saw them as savage beasts, unintelligent, and very low creatures.