The Velrusian RepublicEdit


Velrusian Republic Insignia

The Velrusian Republic is a Republic that stretches 2 galaxies wide. With the main planet being Velrusia. It was formed in 2365 A.D. It's main

government is a Republic, and has established a strong alliance with the Vaktovian Empire.

It's current leader is Chancellor Dlevia Venturia


The Velrusian Republic uses the Republican government. Allowing people to vote for leaders and politicians. However, before Velrusia came into power with a government, Velrusia used a government of monarchy. Originally, Velrusia was called the Federal Royal Monarchy of Velrusia. This monarchy began when the Republic was formed in 2365 A.D, and ended in 2678 A.D when King Hresvelger IV decided to establish a Republic. This sparked a civil war within the Republic and the planet itself. This civil war lasted into 2697. Velrusia currently still uses the Republic government.


Velrusia has a Pop-Culture. And also has cultural diffusion. Recently, many people have been dressing in Vaktovian uniform mockups calling themselves "Vakkies". In the capital, Nova Scerna, many ads are put up in Central square.


Velrusia's economy is very wealthy. However, the planet of Koanatia, probably the poorest Planet in the Republic, lacks in stable economy, and is currently being watched by the Central Government of Velrusia.

The Currency in Velrusia are called Orvs. The smaller varient being "Alvas".


The Velrusian Republic has a stable Military with 6 branches. The Army, The Navy, The Air Arm, The International Space Fleet, The Inter-Galactic Space Fleet, and The Peoples' Militia

Technology for all branches can be found at their own articles.


In 2465 A.D, King Ventaur decided to expand Velrusia. This ended up sparking a war between Velrusia and many other planets. First, Velrusian Intergalactic Capital Ships invaded the planet of Felentaria. Consisting of 4 States in the planet. Quickly overtaken. Over the years from 2465 A.D to 2578 A.D, many planets were conquered. In the end, King Inoxx III ended expansion at 2 galaxies.

Trade Coalation With Vaktovian Empire/CoalationEdit

In 2798 A.D, Chancellor Verdiria met with Emporer Vaktus of the Vaktovian Empire. Together they started a Trade Coalation. In which they shall trade technology and support eachothers Wars.