Troglodosha, home of the Troglodytes. Troglodosha has 2 moons known as Taruk and Raknar. Most of the

Tribal Troglodyte With Spear.

Troglodytes are a savage race, some kill there enemies and eat their bodies, some don't fight and hunt for food. The Troglodyte's only natural enemy is the Basalisk, a large snake creature as long as a bus. The Troglodyte's early history was always full of war, many tribes always fighting over hunting grounds and resources. It went on like that for 38,500 years, until the chieftan of the Oologack tribe, Ragnarok The Great, unified the tribes to protect themselves against the Basalisk. Ragnarok became the overlord of the new Troglodyte Alliance, and nearly extinct the basalisk. Ragnarok then passed the crown down to his first born, Ezacka The Wise. 16 years into Ezacka's leadership, many of the citezens were rebeling due to his poor leadership. This event was known as The Great Realization. Ezacka realized that the citezens hated him and he needed to improve his leadership. So, Ezacka built up the Troglodytes infrastructure, by building roads and he also put money into the army, and he had alchemists begin making medecine to heal the sick. This began The Age Of Peace. Which only lasted about 200 years.

Middle Ages And The Great WarEdit

Troglodyte 2

Middle Age Troglodyte Warrior.

The Age of peace also began the Middle Ages. When Ezacka died which ended The Age Of Peace, His son became the overlord. His son was known as Barab. About 42 years into Barabs rule, He was assasinated by a warrior from the Skalax league. The Skalax League was a group of tribes who had fromed together under Skal The Stuborn. Barab's son Baralak was too young to rule the alliance, so Barab's advisor took control of the alliance until Baralak was old enough to rule. The advisor who was named Xizor, began a war with the Skalax League. 52 years had passed when Xizor gave control to Baralak who led a raid on the Skalax Capital, and took control of it. He asked Skal for peace but Skal refused and was publicly executed by Baralak himself. Baralak then, killed all of the Skalax warriors, Made all the Skalax citezens become slaves, and burned the city to the ground. Baralak was now known as Baralak The Conqueror. This event was known as the great war. Baralak ruled for the next 192 years, when he died from old age at 242 years old. His son Takul became the king. The Capital of The Troglodyte Alliance was then moved to Ragnar, Ragnarok The Great's Birth place. These events then began the Dark Age.