Tronic Station

Tronic Station orbiting Naed.

The first space station made by the Pheusians and also the smallest. It was built during the Great Pheusian War and worked as reinforcement facility to back up the Pheusians in their fight against the Barbarians of Daeda. Today it patrols the Pheusian moon Naed and is awaiting battle. It has a large main hangar about one mile by one mile and also includes a bridge which controls everything in the station, a weapons system, repair center, observation center, cafeteria, and the ground troops', captain's, engineers', pilots', e.t.c.s' quarters. It als includes 200 quad plasma turrents, 50 ion cannons, 5,000 ground troops, 600 pilots, 700 ships, 300 ground vehicles, and a ion/plasma mega ray (as seen the long spike in this picture). The station itself is about 1,000 years old.